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Autobiography Examples


         By David         Spriggs

My Long Story

Agnes, my Mother was born in Berkeley, just outside Oldham, Lancashire. 

Rising at 5 am everyday Mum would climb the cobbled hill outside her house to reach the cotton mill, where she worked as a bobbin carrier.

Dozens of others joined her as she strode up the hill from her small cottage. Platts Mill was the largest employer in the area.

Mum clocked in at 6 am for her 10-hour day.

My Story

By Donald Joseph

Despite the atrocities around us there were some very human moments out in Burma.

The jungle was teaming with animal life and almost every night the monkeys used to scare us.



By Doris May Taylor

Just Like The Queen

I am the same age as the Queen so, like so many young women of the time, I took a keen interest in both her wedding and her Coronation. We all thought she was beautiful, full of poise and elegance. She represented all that we longed to be.

I was lucky to marry my own sweetheart just three years after the Queen. Unfortunately, we didn’t return to a Palace after our wedding, but rather two rented rooms and a shared bathroom!


By Elizabeth Ellins

Sussex Girl

I was very sad that I couldn’t have a family of my own.  I had several appointments with a doctor in Brighton and a few rudimentary treatments, but for reasons I will never know I was not to become a mother.

Back in the 1940’s they didn’t think to investigate the men. Ernest never went to the doctors. It didn’t occur to us – it was always assumed it was the woman’s problem.


By Terry Harper

Spreading My Wings

Father did a lot of private work, keeping the plans of the Free Miners’ collieries up to date, so that was probably where the money came from for our yearly break.

Bournemouth 1945 was the scene of a big event. It was to be where I had my first kiss. I was only 12! The recipient was a lovely girl who was staying in the same boarding house. We were both with our families and obviously liked each other from the outset.

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