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Doris May Taylor

Just Like The Queen

Just Like The Queen

I am the same age as the Queen so, like so many young women of the time, I took a keen interest in both her wedding and her Coronation. We all thought she was beautiful, full of poise and elegance. She represented all that we longed to be.

I was lucky to marry my own sweetheart just three years after the Queen. Unfortunately, we didn’t return to a Palace after our wedding, but rather two rented rooms and a shared bathroom! But, the one thing the Queen and I did have in common was that we were both very much in love with our husbands.

My life started in Eastbourne and I have lived here all my life. I am 93 at the time of writing.

Eastbourne has been a wonderful place to live and bring up children and even my grandchildren enjoyed the benefits when they were little.  It’s a sunny town on the south coast with a pretty promenade lined with Victorian Hotels, and a pier stretching out into the English Channel. It’s famous for Beachy Head, the tallest chalk cliff in Britain at 530 ft above sea level.

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