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Writing your autobiography or memoir

Get in touch and we can have a chat about your autobiography requirements. We can also explore whether I am the right person to write your autobiography.

I will happily meet or speak to members of your family before you make your decision.

I am DBS checked and adhere to all Covid-19 precautions.

When you decide to go ahead with your autobiography I will arrange to interview you. Interviews can be at your home, by telephone or video call.

Each autobiography is different and the number of interviewing hours will be dependent on which package you select.

Interviews will be structured roughly as follows:

First Meeting: We will talk through the timeline of your life. I will ask about your important life events, family tree (if there is one), and get an overview of your life. I will also explain the different approaches I can take when writing your story. Then I will start recording your early memories both by taking notes and by recording our interview.

Second Meeting: We will continue our conversation about your childhood memories progressing through to your education and working life.

Third Meeting: Our relaxed conversation about your middle and latter years will continue. This is also a chance for us to complete any gaps or collect missing information. We will look through your photos together and decide which ones will bring your story to life.

When your interviews are complete I will get to work typing up all my notes. Then the hard graft will begin. I will carefully weave all your life highlights and lowlights (if you want them documented) together to create a beautiful story of your life.

Steps after this stage:


  • A draft will be sent to you to read through and provide comments on.

  • I will then work on the final text of your life story, making any amendments along the way.

  • A final copy will be sent for your approval.

  • We will work on editing the text, laying out your book, and designing its fabulous front cover.

  • A proof book will be sent for your final sign off.

  • Your book, or books, will then be printed and sent to you.

Many people start their autobiography but run out of steam to complete such a time consuming task. If this is you – do get in touch and we can work out a way forward. You will finally be able to hold in your hands the book you always wanted to write.

This Is My Life - How It Works - Sandra Waldron
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