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Additional Services

Family Tree Research

A family tree is something that will set your life into the context of your family and ancestors. 

This Is My Life UK works in partnership with genealogists, Finders International, a company that has infinite knowledge and tracing resources at its fingertips.  

You may know Finders International from the BBC programme Heir Hunters, where it traces relatives of those that have died without a will.

Confidential Letters

It’s not always easy to speak directly from the heart to your nearest and dearest at certain times in life.


A letter is the ultimate legacy you can give your immediate family or friends, and one for that they will be forever grateful. It is also reassuring to know that you have written your thoughts and feelings down.

Sandra is not only a skilled writer but has also trained as a psychotherapist.  She will sensitively help you put into words exactly what you want to say. 

The letter can be one you would like to send now or to be read at a future date.

Memory Box

A beautiful personalised box, perfect for storing mementoes, documents, letters, and just about anything else that is special to you.


A recording (of up to one hour) of you reading some of your cherished memories, from your precious autobiography.

Please enquire for prices.

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