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Your Autobiography's Structure

All stories need a structure – a way to engage the reader. This ensures the book is a perfect reflection of you, its author.


There are several effective ways to structure your autobiography: chronologically, houses you have lived in and the Desert Island Disc method - picking a favourite object from different times in your life and then positioning your story around this.


After I have listened to your story, the path usually reveals itself clearly.

The Book Itself

The cover

This is the exciting bit! You will have a number of options to choose from. We can design a wonderful wrap around dust jacket. Or, you may prefer a leather embossed cover with just the title and your name, as the author.


Contents page

This will be compiled from the final chapter titles you choose.



You have the option to include a foreword for the book, that can be written by someone other than you. This does add a special touch if this is written by a family member or a long-time friend. It’s also nice to include a photo of that person or a photo of the two of you together.

Other contributors

It can add an extra dimension to hear from other people in your autobiography - what they remembered of you or an event that touched both your lives. It's the perfect chance to get in touch with old friends.


Family tree

You have the option to include a family tree.

If you would like a genealogy company to research your history, we can arrange this for you.

We work with Finders International, whom you might know from BBC Heir Hunters. They have resources to hand that will save you hours of work searching out your family's history.



Each chapter consists of text and photographs, which can be colour or black and white.


Words of Wisdom

Some of your pearls of wisdom or favourite sayings are a perfect way to provide an appropriate ending for your book.

It's a valuable move to pass on your wisdom and life lessons to others. Your book will be read by family members and friends for decades to come.

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