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My Credentials

I am Sandra Waldron, the interviewer and key writer at This Is My Life.

Ever since I was a child I have been curious about people and I’ve loved writing, so journalism was a job that had my name on it.

My career started when I was a cub reporter at The Bucks Free Press, in Buckinghamshire. I rose through the ranks to specialise in feature writing and human interest stories – writing for many national newspapers including the Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, and The Sun. 

My writing skills have been put to good use over the years. My last role was as Communications and Content Manager at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 

I have trained as a psychotherapist, specialising in hypnosis, so I am experienced at sensitively drawing out stories and helping you process them.

Many of us have had tough times, and not all our lives have turned out quite as we expected. But that is the very nature of life, and that is what future generations will be keen to read about - not just your triumphs, but how you coped with adversity too.

Here at This Is My Life I am supported by a network of editors, designers, and proof-readers, and together we will make your autobiography a treasured family heirloom.

Why This Is My Life?

I love the idea that we are all  ‘living history’. I also  adore listening to tales of times gone by.

It was this love, combined with my failure to capture own family’s history that led me start This Is My Life.

My mother was the youngest of 11 children and despite being an only child myself I was lucky enough to have a small army of elderly aunts and uncles around me, as I was growing up. Each one enthralled me for hours with stories of years gone by. 

Now, it’s a huge regret that I didn’t realise the importance of this precious information when I had the chance.  They’ve all gone now so there’s nobody left to ask. 

Although my family would be considered ‘ordinary’ - to me they were anything but ordinary.  I miss them dearly and all their memories.  I wish I could pass some of this history onto my daughter, Anna, but it's too late.

A few years ago I saw the autobiography that a friend’s mother had commissioned. The book gave her family such joy. The seed for This Is My Life was sown.     


Many of us start putting pen to paper but soon discover it is a very large and time consuming task. By allowing me to lighten the load, you will actually get to hold your autobiography in your hands. It will documented in your words, and you will be the author.    

Don't regret that you never got around to it.

Sandra Waldron - This Is My Life - Autobiography Writer In West Sussex

Me today

Sandra Waldron - This Is My Life - Autobiography Writer In Eastbourne

Mum and I in 1985

Sandra Waldron - This Is My Life - Autobiography Writer In Brighton

Mum, Dad and I

Sandra's Story

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