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Elizabeth Ellins

Sussex Girl

Sussex Girl

I was very sad that I couldn’t have children. I had several appointments with a doctor in Brighton and a few rudimentary ‘treatments’, but for reasons I will never know I was not to become a mother.

Back in the 1940’s they didn’t think to investigate the men. Ern never went to the doctors. It didn’t occur to us – it was always assummed it was the woman’s problem.
But, we were blessed with a lovely niece, Caroline, who was my sister Sylvia’s daughter. She would come to stay with Ern and I during the summer holidays, and we would have such fun.

In my spare front bedroom I had a huge walnut wardrobe where I kept an array of treasures that would keep Caroline entertained for hours on end.

There were sequinned flapper style dresses with spagetti straps, real fur coats, fox stoles and best of all; rows of outrageously high-heels. These were all clothes I used wear to local dances. The clothes smelt musty but it didn’t seem to matter.

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